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How does the competition work?

Registered teachers will receive an email with the competition form in PDF-format on April 2nd, the day the competition starts. It is the teacher's responsibility to print the required number of copies and complete the competition in less than an hour. The competition form consists of several tasks that must be answered by marking the correct answer option. After the competition, the teacher must record the results for each pair of teams by taking a picture of their answers and sending them by email to

The deadline for submitting registered results is April 19th. 

For further questions, you are welcome to contact us through contactt the form below.

School Children

Practical Information

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Practical Information

The teacher will decide how the class will be divided into teams of two. We are aware that it may not be possible to divide all classes in this way, so we will also allow teams of three if necessary. Aids, including the teacher, will not be allowed during the competition. The students will have one hour to solve six engaging tasks that require cooperation in teams. We hope that this will be a fun and educational experience for all participants!

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