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Meet the Team


William Lygren

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The program for most math teachers usually consists of tests, assignments and lectures on the board, which works well for many, but can become repetitive and potentially demotivate. I believe that MathGlad is necessary to increase motivation, but also to give them a unique opportunity to collaborate in a way that makes math fun.


Michael Birkeland

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I have personally experienced that mathematics teaching at school can become a bit boring and repetitive, and this can be decisive for the student's enjoyment of mathematics. That's why I'm involved with MathGlad, which promotes fun and educational competitions. I hope this can help ignite the same interest I have in maths among students throughout Scandinavia.

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Leonard Holter

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I was never a math-loving student even  when I was in elementary or middle school and my test results showed it. It was only when I got to try my hand at a maths competition within the class that I was able to ignite my inner joy in maths. Even though I didn't win the competition, I really woke up my competitive instinct, which has subsequently made me work harder with the subject.

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